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San Antonio Personal Trainer

Are you looking for a professional personal trainer in the San Antonio area?

Your workout at Personal Fitness Revolution will be tailored to meet your goals, current condition and your lifestyle. There are no cookie cutter routines, and our team of expert personal trainers are well experienced in designing a routine from scratch to maximize your progress.

Day to day, your routine vary greatly. There's a reason for this: your body is a very adaptive organism, and to continually force the body to change, new stimuli have to be introduced to it on a regular basis. That means as your body adapts (gets stronger and leaner) the workouts become increasingly more difficult. Each client is different, and each client's weaknesses will be eliminated through specific training toward those weaknesses.

No two workouts are ever the same - we keep the muscles and the body guessing "What's next?".

Progress is measured regularly to ensure that you are on track to exceed your fitness goals. Routines are also constantly modified to help you continuously make the most progress possible.

During your routine, you will transform your physique by gaining muscle and losing body fat, become more flexible, more resistent to aches and pains, better cardiovascular conditioned, and will begin to look and feel better immediately.

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San Antonio Personal Trainer

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