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San Antonio Personal Trainer

Customized Training - Nutrition - Supplementation - Competitor Services
For Clients Worldwide

Boyd Myers - Personal Trainer San Antonio
16613 Huebner Road

San Antonio Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Expert, Competitive Bodybuilder and Power Lifter Boyd Myers is one of the most sought after training and nutrition experts in the United States. With over 17 years of personal training experience, his clients include competitive figure and bodybuilding champions, amateur and professional (NFL, NBA, MLB) athletes, cover models of popular magazines such as Playboy, Muscle and Fitness, and Oxygen, and everyday people that have made extraordinary progress.

For more information about Boyd's bio, fitness experience, training and nutritional strategies, testimonials (with progress pics) and more, check out his popular fitness, nutrition and fat loss blog: Fat Loss - Body Transformation - Advanced Nutrition

Customized Services Include:

  •   Online Personal Training - With the power of the internet, Skype, Facetime and smart phones, it is now common for individuals anywhere in the world to use a world class personal trainer. Boyd designs custom training, nutrition and supplement programs for online clients to help them achieve maximal fat loss, physique transformation or athletic performance. Boyd provides his clients with regular modifications and updates to ensure they are getting the most out of their program, no matter the level of support the client may require.. Slots are limited, so contact Boyd to set up a consultation to determine if online training is the solution for you.

  •   Nutritional Program Design and Modification (available local and online) - For those who are not personal training clients, Boyd provides full macronutrient and caloric breakdown, supplementation, and nutrient timing for those individuals looking to take their physique or athletic performance to the highest level possible. These slots are also limited, so contact Boyd to schedule a consultation.

  •   Competition Prep Consulting (available local and online) - Boyd is also the owner of Elite Fitness Consultants, a consulting based service for competitive bodybuilders and figure competitors. This service is for those who already have experience in training and nutrition but need expert help at putting it all together. Boyd's track record of having clients at their absolute peak during competition is unparalleled, including numerous class and overall wins in shows nationwide. Boyd works with numerous amateur and professional bodybuilding and figure competitors through all stages of contest preparation: from training, nutrition, and supplementation to posing, stage presence, peak week and post-show recovery.

    Here are a few of Boyd's Champion Figure and Bikini Competitors:
    San Antonio NPC Figure Champion Chelsey San Antonio Figure Competitor Brandy San Antonio IFPA Figure Pro Sarah San Antonio Personal Natural Masters Bikini Competitor Maelien San Antonio NPC National Figure Competitor Renae

    No matter the level of support you require, Boyd will have you looking your best on competition day. Visit the Elite Fitness Consultants page for more information about this service.

  •   Private Studio Personal Training - Boyd is the owner of the newly expanded, 2000 square foot personal training studio Personal Fitness Revolution in San Antonio. Individuals in and around the San Antonio area can utilize Boyd and his team of expert personal trainers for general fat loss, rapid physique transformation, competition prep, sports and athletic performance enhancement, functional training and nutritional program design. For more information about his personal training studio, programs, forms, and rates, please visit Personal Fitness Revolution.

  •   Full Lab Analysis/Medical Fat Loss - Through our partnership with a local wellness clinic, we can have our clients tested for common food allergies, mineral deficiencies, sub-optimal hormone levels and other hidden conditions. After reviewing the blood panel tests, we subsequently develop the optimal nutritional, training and/or medical program to ensure the absolute optimization of all fitness services and goals. For more details, check out our Lab Analysis/Medical Fat Loss.

    For scheduling or more information on these services, please contact Boyd now.

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